Being beautiful & having a beautiful life experience emanates from within ourselves. Outer harmony, balance, peace,  happiness and beauty comes from within. 


Humans are the sum total of multiple parts. We have different components that make up ourselves and then ultimately create our lives. Every day we are presented with evidence that these different parts of ourselves work together synergistically. Our minds, bodies and souls are different aspects of ourselves that are interconnected to the point that dysfunction or imbalance in one is often times reflected in another. For example someone who doesn’t have an overall feeling of hopefulness (spiritual) will likely have thoughts (mental) of impending disaster and then in turn can began exhibiting signs of stress in the body (physical) through high blood pressure or can express their subconscious feelings of anxiety through behaviors such as over-indulging in unhealthy foods (emotional).

Fortunately because these parts of us do work hand in hand, when we begin to assert positive change in one area, it builds the momentum needed to create healthy habits and thus lifestyle changes in our overall life experience.

Green Goddess Beauty believes that there is more to being beautiful than simply adorning oneself with beautiful clothing and ornaments and applying beauty products. We know that it is the intangible essence of grace, charm and confidence that truly makes a woman beautiful. We also know that women who feel better do better.

Our intention is to bridge the gap between our minds, bodies and souls so that we can not only be more beautiful both inside and out, but also create beautiful relationships and our individual ideas of a beautiful life.